Microsoft Teams home office and office wallpapers

Microsoft Teams Hintergrund ändern Tutorial

Microsoft Teams offers its users the possibility to customize their background during video conferences. You can either select your own image or one of the many ready-made background images.

An appealing background can help participants in a video conference feel more comfortable and at ease. Especially in the home office, where the workplace is often not ideal for video conferences, a beautiful background can reduce distractions and ensure that participants can concentrate better on the conversation.

A good choice for the background are therefore images that show an attractive office environment. This can be, for example, a beautiful desk with flowers and a cup of coffee, or a bright and inviting office landscape with large windows and green plants. Such images convey professionalism and concentration and ensure that the participants in a video conference can concentrate on the conversation.

In this article, we'll show you how to easily create your own Microsoft Teams background change can. Let yourself also from our beautiful MS Teams office wallpapers get inspired!


What background to use in Teams?

Use modern office wallpapers instead of holiday snaps

From serious to funny, there are many different types of Microsoft Teams wallpapers. It is important for customers to exude professionalism and competence.

Avoid a beach or space background. This looks unnatural to your customers. You don't want your employees to present themselves as vacationers in front of customers. Instead, your company should be represented professionally.

Use modern office backgrounds. They make you look like you're really in a fancy local office. This looks much more natural and realistic.

Choose a simple background

Your Microsoft Teams background should not distract from you and be plain. Avoid bright and bright colors.

The bookshelf, while often recommended as a background, can be too distracting due to the detail. Don't use an animated background either. The focus is on you and your presentation.

Choose a background with your company logo

Your logo is like your company's fingerprint. Show it wherever your company is represented: Even in your Microsoft Teams video conference!

With a Background with your company logo your company can be represented uniformly by your employees from the home office.

Advantages of a virtual background

There are free existing images that you can use. However, it is more worth betting on personalized virtual backgrounds:

The benefits of virtual background images at a glance:

  1. Make a strong first impression with a background that features your logo

  2. Uniform appearance of your company with a modern office background

  3. Protects privacy in the home office

  4. Look professional everywhere: Can be used in common video conferencing software

And the biggest advantage: uploading an image and setting it up in teams is super fast.

Our most beautiful Microsoft Teams office wallpapers

Pitching now! With Associates in a conference room in front of a big screen. 

Microsoft Teams Office Wallpapers Homeoffice | Officery HD Associates

Get the Scandi-chic style right in your home office. With the picture Brainstorm for inventiveness and creativity.

Microsoft Teams Office Wallpapers Homeoffice | Officery HD Brainstorm

The New York style with a logo on the side for extra visibility in your video conference. Not only for Consultants suitable!

Microsoft Teams Office Wallpaper Homeoffice | Officery HD Consultants

Simple and minimalist. With Glass.

Microsoft Teams Office Wallpaper Homeoffice | Officery HD Glass

Plain and Grey

Microsoft Teams Office Wallpaper Homeoffice| Officery HD Grey

Welcome to the lecture hall! With Hall Of Fame as a virtual background you are standing in a hall with a large screen.

Microsoft Teams Office Wallpaper Homeoffice | Officery HD Hall Of Fame

Industrial style office. With HQ as a background, the headquarters feeling is possible in the home office! 

Microsoft Teams Office Wallpaper Homeoffice| Officery HD HQ

The think tank as your background for the home office. get you Think Tank!

Microsoft Teams Office Wallpaper Homeoffice | Officery HD Think Tank

Collaborative work is a priority for you? Show it with the background Till We Collab.
Microsoft Teams Office Wallpaper Homeoffice | Officery HD Till We Collab
Your advertising board in the countryside for the home office. With Your sign as a virtual background.
Microsoft Teams Office Wallpaper Homeoffice | Officery HD Your Sign

Change Microsoft Teams background

Click the YouTube Play button to start the video.

In our YouTube tutorial, the image Officery HD Think Tank and Teams video background .

The individual steps as you like them Microsoft Teams background can change are summarized in the following imageHow to change Microsoft Teams background

Quick guide to change your Microsoft Teams background

1. To your Microsoft Team background change, start a video conference and go to background filter.

2. Here you can use an existing team video conference background. Click the plus icon to upload one of your own wallpapers to Teams.

3. Via the menu background settings you now select your desired team background. Finished!

This is how your virtual background comes into its own

You probably know the problem that your virtual background is not properly blinded. As soon as you move, parts of the correct background are briefly faded into the picture.

Parts of your body can be cut off unsightly. This can appear restless in your video conference in Microsoft Teams.

To avoid such anomalies, follow these tips:

  1. Use an external one Webcam. In terms of performance, laptop cameras are not always sufficient to completely display a virtual background.

    We recommend an external Webcam to use. This not only ensures high image quality, but also makes your background in Microsoft Teams background look better.

  2. Pay attention to sufficient Lighting. Insufficient lighting can mean that your camera cannot display colors and contrasts correctly.

    Use an external one Lightingto emphasize your natural appearance.

  3. Make sure your clothes are not the same color as your virtual background.

  4. Position yourself in front of a solid color background. This can e.g. B. be a white wall.

  5. Pro Tip: Use one for best results Green Screen, On Green Screen It is used in many ways in Hollywood films. The background is optimally removed by "chroma keying". You can also use this technology in your home office for your video conference!

A typical image looks like this:

Perform professionally in teams An Tran before Officery

That's how it looks with the right one Video conferencing equipment out. Furthermore, I have 5 tips to look good in video conferences, implemented:

Professional teams background with logo

Conclusion: Secure your free, personalized Microsoft Teams background!

With an attractive background image in Microsoft Teams, users can make their video conferences even more professional and focused. A good choice are images that show an attractive office environment and reduce distractions.