Is everything running perfectly in your company?

Congratulations, then you don't need to read any further. However, if you are looking for modern IT solutions like most SMEs, you are probably familiar with the following situations:

Digitization is only incidental

Your team is already working at full capacity with day-to-day operations, so digitization is just one of many secondary theaters of war for you. You lack the right tools and IT know-how.

The potential of the cloud remains unused

They are not yet using cloud technologies and have not yet fully exploited the potential for increasing productivity. Instead, your business is slowed down by manual paperwork and old technologies.

Incalculable risks

Digitization projects pose incalculable risks and costs for you. You definitely don’t want to exceed your budget and experience nasty surprises.

Our solution: Officer Memberships

Our memberships are an inexpensive and scalable solution to drive digital transformation despite a lack of IT resources.

That's how it works

become a member

Whether Microsoft 365, Power BI, or Business Central - choose your membership according to your digitization topic.

Your membership gives you access to the Trello board.

Make an inquiry

With the Trello board you can easily and conveniently make your requests and invite your team members. We will deliver a result to every query you submit in the shortest possible time.

decrease result

Review our result and give us feedback. Your request is not considered complete until you are satisfied with the result and it has been accepted by you.

Your Membership Benefits

Unlimited requests

Add as many requests as you want to your Trello board.

Lightning fast results

We deliver the service so quickly that you will be amazed.

Flexible plan

You can pause your membership at any time and reactivate it if you have more requests for us.