Set a quick background. Enjoy long conversations.

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Your Gift from Officery: Your free wallpaper Officery HD Glass

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  • Build brand awareness with a personalized background
  • Appear professionally everywhere: Whether in Zoom, Teams, Webex and Co.
  • Secure privacy protection
  • For professional and private use
  • Fast delivery within 5 minutes

Officery HD

Show your business

Branding from the home office - Officery HD makes it possible.

Your personalized virtual office


Set a quick background. Enjoy long conversations. Your virtual office lets you appear absolutely professional - wherever you need it.


Your virtual office protects your privacy. Play it safe and protect your private home.


Customers trust your brand because you offer your customers a consistent customer experience. You rely on a uniform appearance of your teams.

Officery HDs of our customers

Virtual background branded with your company logo

Your customers spend hours looking at your screen.
Let your company firmly anchor itself in the minds of your customers with a background that bears your company logo.
Gain maximum visibility in every video conference and ensure that you and your employees are optimally represented from the home office.

Zoom, Teams, Webex background with logo | Officery HD Glass

Modern office background in HD

Does quality matter to you?
Show off with a crisp and modern office backdrop.
Our wallpapers are a simple solution that gives you instant control over a consistent external image without having to set up complicated compliance rules.

Protect privacy in the home office

Depending on the living conditions, the video conference from the home office is an intrusion into the privacy of your employees.
This is an uncomfortable situation and has a negative impact on the behavior of your employees and the perception of your company.
Our background images give you a tool to appear absolutely self-confident to customers and partners.

Can be used in all common video conferencing software

Nobody needs to travel to the company location or convert their home office into a film studio for a professional background. You can easily take our virtual office with you wherever you are, no matter where you are.
No matter whether Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Google Meet, Jitsi or Skype and Co.: You can use your virtual office in all common video conferencing software with just a few clicks.

What our customers say

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Wow, that was really quick. And the logo was perfectly fitted (with two variants) into the template. Very good. Lovely again.



★ ★ ★ ★ ★


It went great, someone even reported it because the logo could still be optimized. I really liked it. Gladly again.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes! Testing our backgrounds is 100% free for you. You will receive your background in reduced quality and with a watermark.

1. Choose your desired background.

2. Upload your logo.

3. Follow the ordering process to checkout. Don't worry, you won't be asked for payment details! Testing is 100% free for you.

4. Our software creates your personalized background.

5. You will receive a shipping notification with the download link to your wallpaper.

Yes! So that you can find the right backgrounds for you, you can test all our backgrounds with your logo for free.

The download link is in the shipping notification that you will receive within 5 minutes of placing your order. Note the subject "Your shipment is on its way".

If you like the tested backgrounds and want them without watermark, you can here Kaufen.

Learn how to set up your virtual background image in your video conferencing software.

Who is Officery HD for?

Who suffers from the stress of commuting: As a home office fan, you're glad that you finally don't have to commute to work for so long. With Officery you have a professional virtual office.

For those who are not safe working on-site in the office: Every on-site meeting has many dangers and you prefer to remain flexible. With Officery HD you are quickly ready for every video call.

For those who care about their privacy: Worrying about your own four walls triggers an uncomfortable feeling in many people. The result: Loss of productivity in the workplace. Give your employees and colleagues security - even in the home office.

If the separation between work-life balance does not always succeed: The boundaries between work and private life are blurring more and more. If you want to have a separation, you can provide more clarity thanks to a virtual office.

If poor image quality bothers you: Poor image quality never leaves a good impression and is often noticeable by saving in the wrong place. Invest in your appearance and that of your company.

Who is Officery HD not for?

If you don't use Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Webex: You like fax and mail. Everything has worked fine so far.

✔ If you would rather just make a phone call: You look forward to being on the phone all day rather than seeing the person you are talking to via camera.

Who does not have good lighting: If you do not have good lighting, first improve your lighting and only secondly improve your background.

4 KO criteria that your professional virtual background must meet

Fatal error if you ignore #3