Modern workplace

    Note: The celexon Mobile Lite green screen was used in the video.

    The green screen is a solid green background with which the cropping process is applied. In video conferencing software like Zoom, the green background is removed and replaced with a different background without additional software. This "chroma keying" made stunning scenes in  James Bond, Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings possible. However, the green screen is not only used in the film sector, but also in news broadcasts and in the gaming sector. You can also use this versatile technology for your home office! More coolness like James Bond in your video conference with a green screen.

    With the help of a green screen, your virtual background images are not only displayed better, but you can also use the green screen as a room divider to conceal your surroundings and people in the background. For best effect, we recommend always using green screens with a good webcam and lighting. So Colors and contrasts can be reproduced with even higher quality, giving your professional appearance that certain touch.