5 video conference tips: Look good in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex & Co.

Videokonferenz Tipps | Gut aussehen in Zoom und Co.

Video conferences are part of everyday work for many of your customers. There are certain rules of conduct from the home office that you should pay attention to.

It's not for nothing that people talk about "Zoom etiquette". Anyone who disregards these rules of conduct quickly gives the impression of being unprofessional and disorganized. 

How to look good and make a professional impression?
In this article you will find our best tips for a perfect video conference.

Before after comparison without and with applied tips

5 tips for video conferencing that will make you look good at a glance

    1. Use light for a natural picture

    A natural appearance not only makes you look more likeable, but also more trustworthy. You can simply use natural daylight for this: It is best to sit in front of a window.

    Unfortunately, natural daylight has major disadvantages. It fluctuates a lot and can make you look completely different from one second to the next.

    If your room is too dark, there is often image noise and you are hardly recognizable to the person you are talking to. Not only that: a poorly lit room is often the cause of headaches in the home office!

    Don't worry. There is a simple solution that you can use to comfortably achieve a consistent image:

    Ring light in the home office

    A ring light!

    ring light is an inexpensive solution if you do not have a suitable room with windows or sufficient lighting. Easy to use, you can brighten up a poorly lit room with ten different brightness levels and three color temperatures. Your interlocutors can recognize you better and you appear more natural.

    What to do in case of overexposure?

    An overexposed room is also not ideal, as it will make you appear pale and ghostly. Only darkening helps here. Either pull down blinds, curtains or drapes, or go to another room for your video conference.

    2. Get eye to eye with your webcam

    A high-resolution webcam improves the quality of your online meetings so that your conversation partners see you as a professional and competent perceive.

    As a link, the webcam creates a connection between your ideas, your enthusiasm and motivation and your counterpart.

    In addition to a high-resolution webcam, the position and orientation of the camera is also important.

    Probably the most unfavorable positions are camera angles from above or below. These either make you look arrogant or submissive.

    Your video conference is about coming across as natural as possible. Position your webcam at eye level. For example, you can place your laptop on a stack of books or attach your webcam to the top of your monitor screen.

    Look straight into the camera to maintain eye contact with the other person.

    The distance to the camera is also important. Sitting too close to the lens can cause image distortion. You will find the optimal distance when you can still see a little free space above your head and your upper body is only visible in the middle of your chest.

    By the way, you can test whether you have found the perfect camera position in Zoom or Microsoft Teams before your online meeting. Here you have the option to view the camera image before the start of the conference!

    3. Pay attention to your posture and body language

    Nothing seems more bored to your conversation partner than a stooped posture or even leaning back in a chair. If you also support your head on your hand, the bad impression is complete.

    So sit upright. Make sure you straighten your lower back and imagine you are balancing an invisible book on your head. That seems competent and alert.

    Maintain regular eye contact through the webcam. This shows your interest in the other person.

    Position yourself in the picture so that there is enough space for your body language. Body language makes up a large part of your speech!

    Speak loudly and clearly so everyone can hear you.

    4. Strong first impression with a virtual background bearing your logo

    Not only you, but also the area behind you - i.e. your background - has its own charisma. Therefore, you should also look at it critically and prepare it specifically for your online meeting.

    Untidy backgrounds make you look disorganized, untidy and unprofessional. Even all-white or black walls don't help you make a good first impression.

    So make sure to choose a background that is as tidy and appealing as possible. A virtual background image personalized with your logo is best.

    Not only does it make you look more professional, but it also protects the privacy of your employees.
    With a virtual background image, your company can be represented uniformly and professionally from the home office.

    By the way, you can find a selection in our online shop virtual background images. The best way to do this is to try ours free generator so that you can try out the background images free of charge and without obligation.

    Here is a selection of our modern office wallpapers:

    Virtual background image with company logo example
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    Extra tip: Prepare your environment in advance for the online meeting. Have drinks and stationery ready before your meeting. So you don't have to get up in the meeting. This gives your counterpart an additional organized impression!

    5. Observe dress codes in online meetings

    A neat appearance makes a neat impression. Even in the home office, it is important to dress appropriately for a natural but at the same time professional appearance.

    Don't overdo it though! Trouser suits and jackets can be too much from the home office and make you look unbelievable. Avoid patterned clothing. These can cause the so-called moiré effect, which can cause your clothes to flicker.

    Simple blouses or shirts in muted colors are best. Here is the rule: Your clothes and your background should not be the same color!

    It is always important that you feel comfortable in it. Because your counterpart quickly recognizes whether you are just putting on a mask or whether you are really you!

    Conclusion: Safely look professional with the entry-level package

    Especially in the last year we have learned that a lot can go wrong in a video conference. Most of us have not been professionally trained in the technique and demeanor and have little experience in conducting an online meeting.

    Insecure handling of technology, unsuspecting appearance:

    These avoidable mistakes are remembered and can damage your own reputation.

    We have the bundle for an easy and at the same time professional start Video conference KIT starter created. You get a ring light and a modern office background of your choice. With this safe and inexpensive solution you can start easily.

    Our video conferencing tips above serve as a guide and support for you to appear more confident in future digital conferencing. Avoid mistakes and learn how to use the technology safely.

    You will thus be perceived as professional and competent by your conversation partners, regardless of whether they are bosses, colleagues or customers.

    Here you go Beginner package.