Virtual meetings with more fun: Really virtual meetings

Online-Meetings interaktiver gestalten

Online meetings are now an essential step in creating a collaborative culture that is at the heart of 21st century organizations.

Virtual meetings are a fantastic way to bring teams together and retain top talent. The only downside is that it adds another layer of complexity to your Zoom, Jitsi or MS Teams meeting.

The suitable equipment for video conferences and smooth communication can pose a challenge. Working in virtual teams is wonderfully easy - you just have to know how.

In this post, we will show you how to use video conferencing cards can lead virtual teams successfully and bring more fun and relaxation into every video conference.

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Plan your meeting like a pro

Instead of just having an open meeting, it's often recommended to send an agenda to attendees before the meeting.

This may make sense for online workshops in which work is result-oriented. An agenda is also a must for information events.

But does an agenda have to be sent out for every meeting?

The answer: It depends!
Many companies offer online meetings, which are about the general exchange of colleagues and a relaxed conversation is in the foreground. Here you will be informed about the current status of current projects.

Our recommendation for video conferences: Think in formats!
A video conference is not always a good idea; an e-mail or a telephone call can usually be sufficient for brief arrangements.

Which formats should your video conferences cover or what purposes should video conferences serve?

Lead and moderate online meetings effectively with more fun

Here are some video conferencing formats:

  • information event, such as B. Stand ups, staff meetings
  • Coffee talk: relaxed exchange among colleagues, small talk
  • Weekly: Team meetings, prioritization of current TO DO's in the team
  • Online workshop: Joint development of questions and the answers

Find out in another blog post based on 5 tips to make your next video conference look more professional.

When planning your meeting, you need to be aware of what format the meeting falls under and whether some preparation is required.
Depending on the format, you send an agenda and very importantly - the invitation link to the online meeting - to the participants by email.

The invitation link is often forgotten. Participants have to search for a link in their many emails and are late. 

Discuss technical glitches with style

Especially at the beginning of a video conference, some participants experience technical problems.
Sentences like "Can you hear me?" and "Is my camera on?" everyone knows and should be a thing of the past after more than a year of home office.
A meeting should begin with a warm welcome from all participants.

In order to nevertheless inform other participants of technical faults video conferencing cards helpful!

Simply select the appropriate card and hold it up to the webcam. Here are a few glitch cards you can use without interrupting the ongoing presentation:

Loud noises in the background! Please mute!

Video conference online moderation cards

Someone is typing loudly on their keyboard and you can't identify who that might be. 
The person is made aware of this as soon as several participants hold the same card in the webcam. 

I can not hear you! Is it me or you?

Video conferencing cards online moderation cards
The presenter begins to share his screen and begins his presentation. Unfortunately you don't hear what he says. You are unsure whether it is you or the speaker.
The speaker cannot look into the chat because he is presenting.
You hold the following yellow card in the webcam. If other participants also hold the same card in front of the camera, you know that it is the speaker's fault. The card signals him that he cannot be heard.

You realize you're the one with the technical glitches as soon as you're the only one holding up the card.

picture frozen! Or is my internet connection to blame?

Similar to the previous card: To check whether the technical fault is with the lecturer or with oneself.

Things you can do to encourage discussion and participation in online meetings

A workshop thrives on active participation and lively discussions. This is where your top talents put their heads together to work out solutions to problems as a team.
As a digital leader, you need to ensure your teams and managers are using video conferencing effectively and encouraging discussion and participation.
That's why we've created a simple way to moderate online meetings in a targeted manner and at the same time ensure more active participation: with video conferencing cards!

Thanks to the intuitive design and the well-known emojis, they accompany, support and motivate video conferencing cards all participants to actively participate in the solution-finding process.
Um To promote discussions and a mood picture of your team the following communication cards are suitable:

Green light for good ideas 

Video conferencing cards online moderation cards
An idea is good and deserves appreciation with a quick "Like". If more than half of the participants hold this green card in front of the camera, you know that the team will definitely support this idea. Ideal for quick votes.

I see red: recognize discussions

Video conferencing cards online moderation cards
Participant A brings up an argument, whereupon participants B and C hold a red card up to the webcam: They signal that they see this point differently.
As a moderator, you have an overview of who agrees and who still has concerns. You can take turns taking participants with different views to encourage a discussion with PRO and CON arguments.

The card for your flash of inspiration

Video conferencing cards online moderation cards

A participant does not express any rejection, but would like to add further important information to a statement or argumentation of the previous speaker. To do this, the person can hold up this green card and use this card to signal that they would like to go one step further.

The STOP sign in every online meeting 

Video conferencing cards online moderation cards
In a heated discussion, it can quickly happen that some participants can no longer keep up and lose the thread of the conversation.
This red card clearly shows that they are not coming.

As a moderator, look out for this red card to complete a point in a discussion, and then repeat key points.

A short summary and your question about what was specifically not understood helps other participants to participate in the discussion again.

By briefly repeating the points mentioned so far, you also check the accuracy of the information and whether others have the same understanding as you.

The mood cannon  

Video conferencing cards online moderation cards
Strengthening virtual collaboration also means creating more relaxation and fun!
The map MAKE! is the mood cannon in your meeting, with which you express your appreciation briefly and to the point.
Motivates all participants to implement their ideas and encourages them in their actions. 
Virtual leadership can be expressed very simply.

What to do when there is nothing new to say?

Video conferencing cards online moderation cards

Discussions that no longer have anything to do with the actual topic should be stopped as early as possible.

But in most cases it is difficult to interrupt someone's flow of speech abruptly.

Better is by politely holding the GAME CHANGER card We are spinning in a circle to signal to the speaker that he is no longer with the actual topic.

So no one feels offended and it will above all communicated respectfully and effectively.

This is how you loosen up every meeting

Video conferencing cards online moderation cards
Particularly suitable for meetings with very tense moments and the oppressive atmosphere is unmotivating for everyone:
At the latest with this card, all participants agree! A previous "no" now definitely becomes a "yes". 

Use breaks strategically to break up a meeting and to give the participants the freedom for new ideas.
In longer meetings, we recommend planning a short break for you and your participants after one hour at the latest. 
Breaks provide a breath of fresh air and relaxation.  

"I'll be away for a while" 

Video conferencing cards online moderation cards

One's own absence during a meeting can be excused in a charming way. Everyone knows that the person will be away for a moment without the person having to interrupt the presenter. 

The quiet exit

Video conferencing cards online moderation cards
Quiet exits neither interrupt a flow of speech nor lead to confusion.
The time has already passed and participants use this card to point out that they have to go soon.
As a moderator, you know that the person will not be coming back due to a follow-up appointment. Your meeting can continue without interruptions.

Design team meetings with fun and humor

Video conferences and online workshops can be a lot of fun - provided the communication is right! This requires good virtual leadership that enables successful virtual teamwork. Make your team meeting casual and entertaining.

With this moderation card set, your team can get involved in discussions and coordinate ideas despite the physical distance. Whether for virtual conferences, online training, or for a virtual workshop: good moderation is always important.

Use our video conferencing cardsto make meetings more interactive and fun for everyone involved. the presentation cards complement every moderation case and can quickly solve the communication problems of you and your team.