10 tips for more mental health in the home office

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The advantages of working from home are obvious: You avoid the nerve-wracking commuter traffic on the way to the office in the morning. You can organize your time freely, sleep a little longer if necessary and have breakfast together with your family.
And you work in your own four walls and have less stress with your work colleagues.

What at first glance has numerous advantages has presented many people with an enormous challenge, especially in the past few months. Because if you want to manage the balancing act between pajamas and trouser suits, work efficiently from home and still stay mentally fit, you have big plans. 

Regardless of the industry, position or tasks, working from home involves a mixture of private and professional boundaries. Video conferencing in the living room, childcare and homeschooling alongside
the desk and much more can lead to excessive demands, stress and depression. so that you maximum flexibility the home office can pull out for you, we will show you the 10 most important tips for more productivity and mental health in the home office.  

5 tips for professional video conferencing

Staying mentally fit in the home office - the 10 tips at a glance

  1. consider basic needs
  2. Pajamas vs pants suit
  3. Set up your workspace
  4. Find your rhythm
  5. Develop custom routines
  6. Separate private and professional life
  7. take breaks
  8. Show empathy
  9. Stay connected
  10. call it a day

Staying mentally fit in the home office

1. Observe basic needs

According to the American psychologist Maslow, in order to be able to work creatively in the classic office or at home and to stay mentally fit, basic needs such as eating, sleeping and drinking must first be met.

What many people ignore: Your body can only perform at its best with fully charged batteries. A restful sleep, regular exercise and fresh air are the basic framework for a successful working day at home. In addition, you should not do without healthy snacks, water or a relaxed lunch at your desk at home.

2. Pajamas vs pants suit

Working from home can sometimes tempt you to settle down. But watch out! If you continue to wear a feel-good jumper and woolen socks after getting up, you may not mentally get into the desired work rhythm.

In addition, a particularly casual outfit does not leave a professional impression, especially for upcoming video conferences and team meetings. So find an outfit that bridges the gap between home office and everyday office life.

 3. Set up your workspace

Those who work at home quickly find themselves caught between household and office tasks. It is not uncommon for a cluttered living room, children playing or the long overdue washing up to distract you from your actual work. In order to master the home office with flying colors despite these (visual) challenges, it is advisable to choose a quiet place where you can work without being distracted. Especially if you difficulty concentrating a productive workplace is a must.

If there is enough space in your apartment, it is ideal if you can set up an office area. Office supplies can be left standing or lying around here. And you don't have to run new cables every morning or set yourself up on a makeshift desk. Especially when it comes to increasing your productivity, it is important to first increase your comfort: an ergonomic chair prevents back problems and a good external one Lighting not only makes you look good in Zoom meetings, but also solves concentration problems at the same time. The most common cause of home office headaches is poor lighting, so invest in good and adequate ones Lighting, to minimize fatigue and above all to improve your well-being!

A simple solution is hiring LED ring light with a mobile phone holder and an extendable tripod that is ring light the most mobile variant from our range, ideal if you do not have a permanent workplace. 

If you want to set up your own permanent workplace, we recommend the lighting from The cat. The The cat You can easily control the lighting via the app and thus adjust it precisely according to your wishes.

This is ensured by the special opal glass Elgato Key Light Air light for even illumination and is a real eye-catcher as a modern desk lamp on your table. If you prefer a space-saving variant, this is the option Elgato Key Light Professional which can be attached to the side of your table with a bracket.

desk setup
If it is not possible for you to set up your own workplace due to your spatial situation or you work flexibly from different locations, it is advisable to use video conferences virtual background image to use. So you don't need to worry about your surroundings and you can protect your privacy from prying eyes. With our modern home office backgrounds you can conceal your surroundings in just a few clicks and at the same time represent your company professionally and confidently.

4. Find your rhythm

Do you tend to be an early riser or do you find it easier to work in the evenings?

Paying attention to these things while working remotely can be good for your mental health. As long as you are not tied to fixed office hours, zoom meetings or similar, you can organize your everyday work flexibly, especially in the home office, in the way that suits you best.

In order to stay mentally fit and to be able to maintain your mental health in the home office, increased effectiveness and the feeling of having achieved something are particularly helpful.

 5. Develop custom routines

Get ready for work routine

Even if you work from home, you should try to establish routines. Set yourself clear goals, set working hours and try to implement your new everyday life in the home office as consistently as possible. take care of yours sleep hygieneto stay mentally fit even when working from home.

If you receive an e-mail shortly before closing time or the mountain of tasks to be completed is still surprisingly high, it can be helpful to clarify clear boundaries. Instead of working overtime at home, it's time to switch off the computer and switch from the home office to the living room for a well-deserved end of work.

6. Separate private and professional life

What applies to classic everyday office life should also be maintained in the home office. Therefore, separate your private and professional life in order to be able to stay mentally fit even during the quarantine. So don't try to throw everyday office life and household at the same time.

Try to make time for both your professional and family responsibilities and activities. Because if you try to do justice to your partner and children during team meetings, Zoom and Co., you will quickly become frustrated. Instead, clear dividing lines also help to increase one's own quality of life in the home office. 

 7. take breaks

Breaks are important so that the mind works properly and the body does not start to hurt. This applies in the office as well as in the home office. So if you lose your attention at home or you notice your body tensing up, you should give yourself a break.

It is important to realize that breaks should not be used to complete tasks at home. So you should neither do the dishes nor empty the dishwasher. Instead, enjoy a good cup of coffee, do some yoga, or take a moment in the garden for some fresh air.

Sufficient breaks are necessary, especially in video conferences, to reduce stress and so-called "zoom fatigue":

zoom fatigue

Extra tip: The color green is known for its stress-reducing effect. Plan time for walks in nature or put a few plants at your work table.

8. Show empathy

Just as your everyday working life in the home office affects your mental health, your colleagues and team members may also struggle trying to master the balancing act between home office and everyday office life. Therefore, be considerate, respond to requests or special questions and remain flexible.

9. Stay connected

Working from home should under no circumstances lead to social isolation. Instead, you should definitely try to stay in regular contact with colleagues, team members and also superiors. 

Video conferencing software such as Zoom, Webex and Microsoft Teams have become indispensable today.

Get ready for a video call routine

In order to be able to take part in video conferences without stress despite the chaos at home, there are special options virtual office backgrounds on. You protect your own privacy while being able to present a neat and professional impression.

Recruiting is now taking place more and more via online interviews. Especially in a video interview, things are different and a lot can go wrong. 

Make your virtual conferences more professional and use the various tools to make your communication with colleagues or potential employers as easy and effective as possible.

In addition to a regulated and professional everyday work, you may even be able to take advantage of new career opportunities while working from home.

10. Call it a day

What sounds easy is usually the biggest challenge in the home office. What to do if the work at home is still visibly piling up even after the end of the working day? If you want to stay mentally fit, you have to draw clear boundaries here.

This means that you should switch off the laptop even if the inbox is not completely empty. Stick to your working hours and enjoy the well-deserved end of work.

If you follow these 10 tips, you can stay mentally fit even when working from home. Instead of burnout and depression, the home office even offers the opportunity to improve one's own quality of life and, under certain circumstances, to take on professional challenges that would have been unthinkable in the classic office routine.