Business Central Espresso - item principle

Business Central Espresso - Postenprinzip

What are Post? And why aren't they just for that Financial accounting important?

Every time something is posted in Business Central, so-called Post. When a posting is made, Business Central runs a table in the background in which items are written.

Based on the items, each individual booking can be tracked and understood accordingly. The item principle in Business Central therefore ensures transparency and is particularly important for an audit or tax audit.

The items include e.g.:

  • item: Are formed when postings are made to general ledger accounts
  • value item: Formed when changes in value of stocks have been posted
  • Accounts receivable and detailed accounts receivable entries: Are formed when invoices or credit notes have been posted for a debtor (= customer).
  • Vendor and Vendor Detailed EntriesAre formed when invoices or credit notes to a creditor (= supplier) have been posted
  • VAT item: Formed when VAT has been posted
  • etc.

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